Founder's message

Mrs. Sumita Panjwani (Founder)

Mrs. Sumita Panjwani a scientist & faculty turned entrepreneur, is the founder of W2W Starup. She has been a faculty in an Art of Living organization for 10 years. She was a trainer at the "Pavitra" workshop which teaches women about menstrual hygiene. She has also been a junior scientist at Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University. She soon realized that women in Rural and Semi-urban areas still need to have knowledge of using sanitary pads. Then she came up with the idea of making biodegradable sanitary pads which turned to be good for the women body, community and environment and the W2W Startup was found in 2019.

She has been actively working for the last one year to develop a this biodegradable sanitary pad as a commercial product to maintain both hygiene and environment. The startup aims to prevents women from using cloth and ash during their menstrual cycle by making them aware of such products especially in rural and semi-urban areas.

On the other side, we know that the burning of paddy straw has harmful effect on environment as the pollution level increases day-by-day. This sanitary pads eradicate both the environmental and health problems.