Welcome to W2W Startup

The startup was founded in the year 2019 by Mrs. Sumita Panjwani, the well know pad women of Chhattisgarh. The startup was founded as a mission to solve women's problem of menstrual hygiene, as well as solving the environmental problems to some extent.

W2W Startup basically focuses on making sanitary napkins from agricultural waste and similar products. Chhattisgarh produces large quantity of rice which in turn also produces agri-waste. This stubble is used as an absorbent in the sanitary napkin. Paddy straw contains 45% of cellulose, also known as fibre, which is obtained after stuble is crushed properly.

This eco-friendly napkin will help improve women's menstrual health and not pollute environment and soil. We here at W2W aim to aware more and more people especially in Rural and Semi-urban areas about such conditions and prevent women from using cloth and other alternatives.